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The life of a modern man is full of worries and problems. All of them affect our organism, but not always in a positive way. Moreover, most often the nervous and cardiovascular system suffers. Many diseases of these important systems of the human organism lead to problems with potency and weaken the erection. These problems can lead to a complete loss of sexual function (impotence) with neglect to them.

Impotence is a serious problem for two sexual partners, not just for a man. Many married couples suffer from it and sometimes they are divorced because of impotence! However, not everything is so hopeless. Modern medicine finds solutions even in the most difficult cases.

Rather insulting term “impotence” in 1998 was replaced by the scientific name of the disease – erectile dysfunction. However, this has not changed the essence. What is erectile dysfunction? The disease lies in the inability of a man to achieve and maintain the erection necessary to perform sexual intercourse.

Impotence awaits you everywhere

Erectile dysfunction can be provoked by a variety of reasons. Often impotence is a symptom of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and cardiovascular damage. This concerns almost 80% of men who regularly experience erectile dysfunction. There are hormonal disorders at 30% of men.

Among the causes of impotence, the most common is vascular pathology, which means either a weak blood flow to the penis or stagnation of blood. In the first case, an erection is achieved with great difficulty, and its quality leaves much to be desired. In the second case, the erection, on the contrary, is achieved quickly, but also passes as quickly, so that sometimes the man does not have time to start sexual intercourse.

Such violations can be associated with the profession: irregular working day, unbalanced food, overheating and hypothermia, sedentary lifestyle. Often this applies to drivers.

Men, seeking to establish all possible records in sex, should remember that one of the reasons of erectile dysfunction is too hard and long sexual intercourse, when a man with all his strength tries to delay ejaculation as long as possible. Everything is good in moderation!

Impotence is a consequence of a number of diseases: endarteritis, atherosclerosis of large arteries, varicose veins, traumas of the penis and nearby tissues. It is known that certain drugs can cause erectile dysfunction. Such side effects have antihistamines and antihypertensive drugs. You can not take these funds for more than five days. The cores need to be especially careful: taking nitroglycerin together with Viagra is threatened with irreversible consequences.

Medical care for the appearance of erectile dysfunction

Medicine is a system of scientific knowledge and practical activities, the goals of which are to strengthen and preserve health status, to prolong the life of people, to prevent and treat human diseases.

For solving their intimate problems, men often go to friends who have a similar experience, to pharmacists or venereologists. However, you need to contact the urologist andrologist.

Most of the problems associated with the deterioration or lack of erection, is solved with the help of therapy. Reasonable use of drugs and modern technologies helps many patients to restore sexual activity without side effects and with minimal risk.

However, there are also such pathologies, which can only be remedied by phaloprosthesis. There is sclerosis of the cavernous bodies of the penis after a penile lesion and multiple injections into this organ. The gentle elastic tissue of the cavernous bodies of the penis is replaced by a coarse connective tissue, which is not capable of providing an erection.

However, it is worthwhile to reassure both men and women – 70% of failures in sex are not related to physiology. Their reasons are purely psychological. This kind of erectile dysfunction is called psychogenic impotence or pseudo-impotence., the morning erection persists and there are no problems with masturbation with her.

Men respond to the slightest setbacks in sex very painfully

One indelicate remark of a partner sometimes is enough for the development of psychogenic impotence. In this case, the doctor prescribes psychotherapy in conjunction with modern drugs. Psychogenic therapy works more effective if the doctor is engaged in therapy with both partners.

Take care of your health and happiness from a young age. The best prevention of erectile dysfunction are – doing sports, limiting alcohol consumption, canned, fried, salted and sweet foods, regular sex life with a constant and beloved partner, without sexual excesses and prolonged abstinence and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Generics are a real alternative to a bad erection

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Generics are analogues of American and European brands. Completely corresponding to them by action, indications for use and composition, they cost almost 10 times cheaper. Moreover, 90% of the world’s medicines are generics.

You can buy Indian generics of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Dapoxetine in our online pharmacy. They enjoy constant demand and popularity among tens of thousands of men due to their exceptional quality and more than a low price.

Unlike the usual Viagra, which contains 100 milligrams of Sildenafil, Indian Viagra contains 150 milligrams of the drug component. Due to this, the drug begins to act after 30 minutes, then, as the original works only after one hour.

Despite the high concentration of sildenafil, the drug is useful for men of all ages. It is safe in the absence of contraindications for health reasons and does not cause discomfort in the body.

As it was said earlier, the effect of the Indian Viagra lasts for about four hours. A man develops a stable and prolonged erection after sexual excitement during this period. Another important advantage of this drug is its price. The cost of a generic product is two times lower than the cost of an original due to low advertising costs.

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