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The 21st century gives modern men the opportunity to monitor their health. Doctors discover new knowledges about diseases and ways of treating them. This also applies to the sphere of sexual health of the population of our planet. Thanks to modern technology and a wide international production network of factories, every man can feel the joy of sex and intimate relationships despite age, financial status, social status or place of residence. Remember that regular sex is the source of joyful emotions, positive mood and a pledge of your physical and moral health.

Many men tend to feel sorry for themselves, but fight and win can only a few of them. If you were caught off guard by erectile dysfunction unexpectedly, do not panic and give up on yourself. Everything depends solely on your desire to be young and active at any age and in any circumstances of life.

Erectile dysfunction – is a condition when the penis does not receive the right elasticity during sexual stimulation or the inability to maintain an erection. In combination with sexual arousal, Levitra (vardenafil) shows high efficiency.

A rescue medicine from India for many men around the world

Levitra was created for men in Germany specifically to restore potency and erectile function. Generic Levitra tablets are much more effective than similar drugs for impotence. The safety of the drug is proved by numerous laboratory tests.

The main active substance of Levitra is Vardenafil. It is quickly absorbed and penetrates into the blood, due to that, the effect occurs in 30-45 minutes after taking the drug. Clinical tests have shown that Generic Levitra is an effective medicine for increasing potency and restoring an erection. Thanks to its properties, a man can enjoy sexual intimacy with a partner for a long time.

You do not need to worry about the quality and effectiveness of Indian products. Medications for treatment of male impotence from India are a powerful competition for manufacturers of original drugs to date. Despite everything, Generics from India have won wide popularity all over the world thanks to high quality of production and the highest efficiency.

You can find Generic Levitra from India in many drugstores recently. These are analogues of the original drug, which are manufactured in India. These tablets also contain an active substance – vardenafil, contributing to increased potency and a persistent erection. The only difference is that the Generic Levitra can be bought at a lower price. Our online pharmacy sells the drug at a low price and without a prescription at any time of the day.

Erection of a healthy man

In a healthy man, with sexual arousal, blood fills the vessels of the penis, causing an erection. If you have erectile dysfunction, this process is broken at any stage, and the sexual intercourse becomes incomplete or impossible at all. When vascular function is impaired in the pelvic area, blood does not flow to the organ, which leads to a decrease in potency.

The substance of vardenafil, which is part of the drug, relaxes the muscles of the cavernous bodies, contributing to the expansion of the arteries of the penis. Thanks to this, the blood comes to the penis, causing a natural erection. In this case, excitation occurs only when there is sexual stimulation.

You will be able to feel the effect of the Indian Generic Levitra after the first intake. The drug is suitable for almost all men, but only if they have no specific diseases and if sex life are not forbidden for them.

Vardenafil containing the enzyme FDE-5, relaxes the blood vessels in the penis, which allows the blood to freely penetrate into the penis, thus causing a natural erection.

Country of origin – India. This is the main advantage of Generic Levitra over all original tablets. All the capacities are in India, the technologies correspond to the world quality standards, but the price is much lower than the famous American and German medicines.

What is Levitra?

Generic Levitra – a drug for the treatment of various forms of erectile dysfunction, developed by the German firm Bayer, which is highly effective after the first intake.

This drug provides an erection by improving the circulation in the pelvic area. The main advantages of Levitra – are the response rate and the minimum of side effects. You will feel its effect in 20-30 minutes after taking the pill. The effect lasts 10-12 hours. Levitra will provide you:

  • full erection;
  • much more longer sexual intercourse;
  • rapid recovery after ejaculation.

The main feature of Generic Levitra – is a mild effect on the body. It does not affect the brain and it is not addictive. If you are planning to conceive a baby, you can buy Generic Levitra in our online pharmacy at a low price. The effectiveness of Levitra is not reduced with constant use, providing a firm erection every time.

How to use Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra is taken orally in a dosage of 20 mg. For most men, the recommended starting dose is 10 mg, the time of taking the drug is approximately 20-30 minutes before sex. We recommend taking Levitra 1 tablet a day. Levitra can be taken with or without food. For the onset of erection requires sexual stimulation.

Precautions for using Generic Levitra

Levitra affects in 20 minutes after intake and remains active for 10 hours. It is not recommended to take Generic Levitra with identical in effect medicines, such as Viagra or Cialis.

A small number of patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, had a sudden blurred vision after taking Levitra. If you are unsure of the dosage or side effects, consult your doctor.

Consequences of an overdose of Generic Levitra from India

If there is a suspicion of an overdose, you should immediately contact an ambulance. The price of your negligence may be too high. Symptoms of Generic Levitra overdose may include:

  • Back pain;
  • Muscle pain;
  • Dizziness;
  • Blurred vision;

Common side effects of Generic Levitra from India

  • Headache;
  • Runny nose;
  • Stomach upset;

After a couple of hours, these side effects usually go away by themselves.

Storage conditions

Generic Levitra is stored in tightly closed containers, at a temperature of 15-30 °, away from children and pets. The expiration date is indicated on the back of each blister.

Generic Levitra – is the second chance for any man to have a happy sexual life

Indian pharmaceutical companies give happiness to millions of families on the planet, thanks to the production of high-quality and effective Generic Levitra tablets. Thousands of men around the world feel happiness again and enjoy life every day thanks to this medicine from India and the low price of these pills. We recommend you not to wait for the moment when erectile dysfunction make your life gray and dull. You should look for ways and means to enjoy life, to give joy of sex to your wives, mistresses or just the first women on the way.

Make a decision to buy Generic Levitra in our online pharmacy. We guarantee the high quality of these tablets from India, the lowest prices among distributors, and the lightning fast delivery anywhere in our country. We wish you to regain the joy of sex with the help of Generic Levitra from India.

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